About Zen-Noh Grain Corporation (ZGC)

Zen-Noh Grain Corporation (ZGC) was established in New Orleans, LA, in 1979 with the goal of establishing a safe and stable supply of U.S. foodgrains and soybeans for the production of compound feed by ZEN-NOH’s feed mills in Japan.

To accomplish the goal of establishing a safe and stable supply of U.S. corn, milo, soybeans, and other U.S. foodstuffs, ZGC constructed a state of the art export elevator located at mile 164 on the Mississippi River, very near Convent, Louisiana.  The elevator can load or unload, simultaneously, more than 150,000 bushels per hour.  To this day, the Convent elevator is considered to be the fastest export elevator in the world and has undergone further upgrades to improve operational efficiency.

ZGC relies upon its affiliate company, Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB) to supply the majority of the massive quantities of corn, feedstuffs and soybeans exported annually from the Convent facility.  CGB operates more than 100 elevators and terminals; mostly throughtout the Midwest along the nation’s inland waterways.


Our Partnership With CGB Enterprises, Inc.

CGB Enterprises, Inc. is an innovative and entrepreneurial company whose core business revolves around the grain and transportation industries in the Midwest, along the nation's inland waterways.

CGB operates over 100 elevators primarily located along the Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas and Illinois Rivers. This allows them to source feed grains and soybeans from all of the prime U.S. growing areas. This geographical diversity allows for stable and secure delivery of quality grains regardless of weather fluctuations. CGB’s marketing teams are in touch with thousands of farmers, tracking local price fluctuations, learning crop conditions, reporting harvest results and purchasing grain directly from them. These relationships have been in place for many years with these producers.

Zen-Noh Grain Corp. has developed value-enhanced grain and storage programs to meet end-user needs. CGB has implemented these programs and is able to deliver the quality products needed in a consistent fashion. CGB’s largest river elevators are regularly audited to assure compliance and on-going improvement in their processes.

CGB has developed a program called Premium GrainsSM, an exclusive group of American farmers who understand the needs and requirements of Japanese farmers and have been trained to grow, store and deliver the best hybrids and varieties as needed by our customers. Zen-Noh Grain is proud to have CGB as its Preferred Supplier and to be able to access their network of Premium Grains Growers. CGB is a stable and reliable provider of specialty grains and their Identity-Preserved grain management and storage systems lead the industry.